• Safe for kids 3 years and up

    SAFE for kids 3 years old and up.

  • Float on a cushion of air

    Float on a cushion of air.

  • Fly with friends or family

    Fly with friends or family.

Is Indoor Skydiving Safe?
Yes, indoor skydiving is safe for kids 3 years old and up. There is height minimum requirement. As long as you have no ailments or other medical condition that precludes you from flying.
Is it hard to breathe?
Actually, you can just breathe normally through your nose or mouth. Aside from the gust of wind you’ll feel against your face, especially if you are facing down, it is not difficult at all to breathe.
How does it work?
SkyDrenaline Zone’s vertical wind tunnel system works by generating wind speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour. This column of air is pushed up vertically and is surrounded by clear cylindrical shaped flight chamber that allows one to stay on the column of air. The instructions you learn before taking flight will teach you how to control your movements up or down and making turns. The more wind tunnel time you have, the more experience you’ll gain and be able to do some incredible flying indoors.
How long is a flight?
Each flight lasts about 60 seconds. This is equivalent to a skydive from 12,000 feet. Jumping from an airplane from 10,000 feet gives you about 45 seconds of free fall time.
Can I fly with my friends or family?
To reduce the likelihood of any potential injuries, we only allow those who have demonstrated certain flight proficiency to do so. The more one flies in the wind tunnel, the more proficient one gets and the flight cost drops dramatically.
What is included in my flight package?
Your SkyDrenaline Zone flight includes flight instructions from a team of professional instructors, a flight jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, and ear plugs are all provided. Everyone taking flight at SkyDrenaline Zone must wear tennis shoes. Do not worry, if you’ve forgotten yours, you’ll be provided with shoes. You must ,however, purchase socks for the shoes or bring your own socks.
Can I fly on top?
You can only if you’ve logged some wind tunnel time and can clearly demonstrate control. Plus, during daytime you can enjoy the breath taking views of beautiful Agana Bay while flying on top. At SkyDrenaline Zone, we cannot have flyers flying on top and inside the flight chamber at the same time. There will be designated times throughout the day for flying on top, of course weather has a lot to do with it. During inclement weather, there will only be indoor flying.
Will I need to take off my watch and jewelry?
Yes, it is recommended that all jewelry be removed, especially lose fitting or large earrings. It is important that nothing lose such as coins or any small solid objects fall out during flight.
Can SkyDrenaline Zone host a birthday party or corporate event?
Absolutely. A birthday party at SkyDrenaline Zone will be an unforgettable experience for all who participate. Whether it’s a birthday party or corporate off site gathering, it will be an excellent teambuilding event. Plus, if the weather doesn’t permit, you can stay dry and fly indoors.
Do I need to make a reservation?
It is highly recommended that you make reservations online since most scheduled flight times are usually booked in advance. Making reservations online saves you time and money. If you are with a group of two or more, it is recommended that your make reservations. Remember to always arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled flight time and check in.
Can I just show up and fly?
Chances are you may be able to fly if there are openings on the scheduled flight times, which are set for every half hour on the hour, and you arriving in time for the required briefing/instructions. If these flights are not all booked, you may be able to sign up on any available slots. If you arrive in pairs, it may be more difficult to sign up right away. However, you’ll be able at a glance to see the daily flights available and whether there are slots available for you to sign up later in the day. Our staff of professionals will do all they can to accommodate your needs at SkyDrenaline Zone. Call in advance or check online to see availability of flight times. There will be a small fee if you make reservations over the phone. Better to book online and save.
How much does it cost?
Please refer to the menu of flight packages. First time flyers will pay about $80.00 for two skydives in the wind tunnel. Of note, the more you fly, the cheaper it gets. If you buy flight times in bulk, in the long run can save hundreds of dollars. Please visit the website for promotional events where you may find even more savings.
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Please contact us or call 671.989.8471 or 671.988.7041 if you have any questions and/or concerns.

IMPORTANT: If flyer DOES NOT meet the "To Take Flight" criteria, a cancellation charge will be assessed if reservations are made.



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Please contact us or call 671.989.8471 or 671.988.7041 if you have any questions and/or concerns.